Make Liberty Great Again

Episode 63 - Digital Necromancy

This week, Suzanne Sherman, the Red Hot Chilly Prepper, joins me to talk about the election, the horrifying police state that we live in, how Public Defenders are heroes, and how the left resurrected a dead child to get you to vote for Joe Biden.

Episode 62 - #Tittypussy2020

This week, I welcome back Jessica Green to chat about Boring Jo and her Brony sidekick Spike, how the LP is most probably a spook, leftists telling Christians to be Christlike, the Breonna Taylor incident, and how Tittypussy is our best hope for the future.

Episode 61 - Woodchipper Go BRRRRR

In this very NSFW episode, resident Lesbertarian, Kim Schjang, joins me to talk about Cuties, child sex trafficking and pornography, the sexualization of children, Epstein, the Libertarian Party, and the necessity of drawing a line in the sand and saying no.

Episode 60 - Don’t Vote for Rabid Women

This week, I am joined by Joshua Ferguson of Hourly Struggle fame. We talk about why the LP deserves to die, why you shouldn’t vote for Jo Jorgensen, the case for defensive voting, labels of no utility, bump stocks, and the lack of nuance in low-status tyrants.

Episode 59 - Parler is a Spook with Thaddeus Preston

This week, I have Thaddeus back on to talk about what’s been grinding his gears. We talk about the LP nominee’s racially pandering tweet heard round the world, how I believe that Parler is a honey pot so the feds can still watch the dissidents who are kicked off of other social networks, how I’m blocked by the NRA on Twitter, and who Thaddeus is giving the D.

Episode 58 - Facial Injuries, War Heroes, and Magic Poo Signs

This week, Ryan and I have a chat with Gary Guthary from Thank You For Your Servers. We talk about bike accidents, pedophiles, war heroes, pool diarrhea, puppies, and more.

Episode 57 - Lizard Bitches and the Unseen Realm with Mike Maharrey

This week, Ryan and I have a chat with Mike Maharrey, who is one of the busiest men in liberty. We talk about how he's dealt with the coronavirus, the new normal, lizard bitches, the unseen realm, vaccines, and an oldie but a goodie, whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich.

Episode 56 - Queen of Horror Jessica Green

This week, I am joined by the Libertarian Kitchen Witch herself, Jessica Green of the Jessica Green Show. We talk about Nick Cannon's cancellation over anti-Semitism, neuro-melanin, plague rats, maskers, anti-maskers, Ghislaine Maxwell, other well-known kiddie-diddlers, the LP's shitty copypasta tweets, and how you should watch 100 horror movies with us before Halloween.

Episode 55 - Peace Freqs and the Multiverse of Madness

This week, Kim and I are joined by the Peace Freqs. Nick and Lizzie Pecone from former Sounds Like Liberty fame join us to talk about how we are versions of each other from parallel universes, how Nick got the nickname “Three Dicks,” the so-called liberty movement, ginger libertarians, the Libertarian Party, racism, the Civil War, and much more. Join us for a good time among friends.

Episode 54 - The Based Boomer

This week, Kim and I speak to Mark Kreslins, who I have dubbed the Based Boomer. We talk about his new book, the need of boomers to repent for what they have done to our country, reading the Bible correctly, technology as the way towards freedom, idol worship, and the power of mocking the state.

Episode 53 - Suzanne Sherman and Lady Graham's Ladybugs

This week, Suzanne Sherman, the Red Hot Chilly Prepper, joins Kim and I to talk about prepping, the current state of the world, education, a touch of agorism, and Lady Graham's ladybugs.

Episode 52 - All Porn is Gay Porn

In likely our most NSFW, if not most offensive, episode to date, I am joined by Thaddeus Preston from Thank You For Your Servers and Ryan Burgett from Techno-Agorist. We shoot the shit and talk about the brilliant methods of BLM, transphobia, homophobia, black culture, the Hotep movement, and whatever the hell Geechee is.

Episode 51 - That Sh*t's for Losers with Eric July

This week, I am joined by Maddie from the Voluntary Vixens and a giant in the liberty world, Eric July. We talk about his band, Backwordz, and their new song, "The Great Equalizer," Blackout Tuesday, the creativity in the liberty world, and how he would fight Tom Morello in a communist v. capitalist cage match.

Episode 50 - Monica Perez, Conspiracy, and the Cathedral

Monica Perez from the Propaganda Report and David from the Morning Drive join me this week to get to know Monica, discuss conspiracies, talk about current events, and to break down our feelings on the corporate press and the Cathedral. Join us as we have a lighthearted jaunt through topics ranging from the moon landing, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, Snowden and Assange's possible ties to the CIA, BLM and the George Floyd protests, and whether or not Kurt Cobain killed himself. This is a long conversation that will hopefully be as much fun for you to listen to as it was for me to record.

Episode 49 - Black Flags and the Black Experience

Thaddeus from Thank You For Your Servers and Kim from Lesbertarian come on to discuss George Floyd, the protests, the riots, race relations, Cheeto Jesus, and the black experience.

Episode 48 - The System is Not Broken

A short episode for these tumultuous times. The system is not broken. It was designed this way.

Episode 47 - Chuck Loves Snakes

After a short hiatus due to a move and a pandemic, Chuck and Cam are back to shoot the shit and talk about the lock-down, video games, punching celebrities, and Chuck's deep hatred for snakes.

Episode 46 - The Boomer Remover

Good news, everyone! Chuck is back and he's here to stay. With my new permanent co-host, we talk about Weinstein's sentencing, pedophilia, the democrats, the cryptkeeper, coronavirus, Chelsea Manning's unfortunate attempted suicide, and the murder of Duncan Lemp at the hands of the police. Editor's note: There were some sound difficulties that you may notice. My deepest apologies. Also, when I talk about Manning's 35 years, I'm talking about her sentence, not how much time she spent in the pokey. I am a moron and I needed you to know that in advance.

Episode 45 - The Big Rape Episode

Chuck is back with me this week to discuss Clinton's anxiety relief, an update on the democratic field, deporting old Nazis, a Free Market hero, Trump's lawsuit against the corporate media, and Harvey Weinstein's disgusting body.

Episode 44 - Bizarre Rituals and Brain Farts

This week, I have my buddy Chuck DeGroot on to talk about some news, relationships, state worship, the road to anarchism, and autism.

Episode 43 - Red Pill of the Week: Operation Northwoods

Here is the second Red Pill that I produced that was found at the end of episode 29. It is short, sweet, and to the point. We look at the time that the US Intelligence community tried to talk JFK into assassinations, terrorist attacks, and other monstrous acts to start a war with Cuba.

Episode 42 - Red Pill of the Week: The City That Bombed Itself

I wanted to rewind the clock and re-share our first Red Pills. This was originally a part of Episode 28. In this Red Pill, we take a look at the time that the Philadelphia Police Department bombed their own city.

Episode 41 - Red Pill of the Week: Judgement Day

In our final installment of the Waco Massacre Red Pill of the Week, we conclude the story of the federal government's assault on the Branch Davidians at Mt. Carmel. David Koresh, Mt. Carmel, and all of the people inside were gassed and burned to death. Here's how it happened.

Episode 40 - Red Pill of the Week: Operation Showtime

In part two of a three part Red Pill of the Week, we take a look at Operation Showtime and recount the story of the ATF's failed raid on David Koresh and the Branch Davidian's at their home, Mt. Carmel. This is what happens when you stand up to the federal government and their militarized police forces. And it only gets worse from here.

Episode 39 - Red Pill of the Week: The Sinful Messiah

For this Red Pill of the Week, we take a look at who David Koresh was, what the Branch Davidians believed, and what happened inside of Mount Carmel before the ATF stormed the gates on February 28th, 1993.

Episode 38 - Bat Butthole Soup

This week, we talk about how the Senate in Virginia dgaf about your gun protests, Assange's lack of human rights, bat butthole soup, protests in Baghdad, Brexit's status, the Doomsday clock, impeachment, the democratic race for the presidency, and Joe Rogan saying the n-word.

Episode 37 - A Peaceful Boogaloo

This week, we go over plenty of news. From souvenir pens and Bernie's alleged sexism to Spaceforce uniforms and a peaceful Boogaloo.

Episode 36 - The Party of Lincoln

This week, we get an Iran update from our personal foreign policy news hound, Matt Nichols, and we talk about the LP, what we think of it, and if it is remotely worth saving. Spoiler alert: It's not.

Episode 35 - Red Pill of the Week: Atop Ruby Ridge

This week, we take a look at what happened atop Ruby Ridge. A story of entrapment, firefights, snipers, and how the federal government set up Randy Weaver and killed his family.

Episode 34 - The Warring Twenties

New Year, new war crimes. We start off the year with Ryan joining me to talk about the happenings going on over in Iraq and Iran. An assassination, some intrigue, and more than enough death to start the year. Join us as we break it down.

Episode 33 - Foam Parties and Butt Stuff

A New Year's retrospective and good company. This week, Ryan, Kim, and Maddie join me again. We talk about our favorite stories of the year, what we did this year, our plans for next year, and have a good time. You should join us.

Episode 32 - The Stop Wars Holiday Special

Merry Christmas! This week, we have an MLGA Network collaboration Christmas show. We have Maddie from Voluntary Vixens, Kim from Lesbertarian, Thaddeus from Thank You For Your Servers, David from The Morning Drive With David, Ryan from Techno-Agorist, and, as always, your least favorite podcaster, me.

Episode 31 - Red Pill of the Week: Kuwait For It

Our first standalone Red Pill of the Week. This week, we talk about the time the Congress, the President, and the Kuwaiti Embassy used a little girl to lie us into war.

Episode 30 - No Pulse? No Problem.

This week, I take on a neoconservative's call for re-education camps, the repudiation of the left in the UK, necrophilia, the current state of the Democratic candidates, and Time's Person of the Year, Greta Thunberg.

Episode 29 - Boot Breath

This week, Ryan Burgett of Techo-Agorist joins me again. We talk about China's document leak about their repression of Muslims, the UPS murders, Amazon's Doorbell spy cameras, Deep State torture, the FBI's self-snitching program, and a Trump impeachment update. We also examine Operation Northwoods in the Red Pill of the Week.

Episode 28 - Leg Play

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I go over some things that have made my life better, Joe Biden's love of kids sitting in his lap and playing with his leg hair, an important update on Trump's impeachment, Mayor Pete's conflict with AOC, and your first red pill of the week.

Episode 27 - Badass: A Conversation with John McAfee

We have a special treat for you in the form of an extra episode this week. We had a conversation with John McAfee. John is a cyber security expert, past and future presidential candidate, pirate on the high seas, and overall badass. We talked Epstein, technology, violence, the deep state, and how he was framed for murder. It was a great conversation that I am beyond stoked to share with you.

Episode 26 - Die In Darkness

Roger Stone gets 50 years, Planned Parenthood gets $780,000, a CBS employee gets fired by ABC, and we all get shafted. Ryan is back to discuss all of this and more with me this week.

Episode 25 - Nice and Dry and Dandy

This week, I have Ryan back to talk about men wearing hijabs, tattooed eyes, Jacob Hornberger's candidacy for the Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination, Pocahontas' Meme Team, Epstein not killing himself, and the evils of "doctored" photos. Did I mention that Epstein didn't kill himself?

Episode 24 - Fairness Is a Spook

Do "voluntary taxes" exist? Is fairness real? Are mutants dangerous? I have Ryan back on to cover for Phil and we talk about voluntary taxation, lotteries, fairness as a concept, and Halloween legislation. Join us for an impromptu conversation and hopefully a good time.

Episode 23 - Black Magic Woman

What was your crystalizing moment? What moment pushed you towards liberty and made you realize that you weren’t a Republican or a Democrat, but rather a libertarian? Mine was a speech by Dr. Paul. Today, Cam spends some time talking about what that moment would look like today, would could create that moment, and what that person should say.

Episode 22 - Death and Taxes

This week, we end our hiatus with a short episode with Cam. There's a brief state of the podcast as well as a short and very personal rant about death and the state.

Episode 21 - Alien Cheeks

This week, we talk pedophiles, aliens, baby swaps, fat people, bad cops, and salty libertarians. We even delve into some libertarian theory.

Episode 20 - Estúpidos Gringos

This week, we had a grand old time talking about arguing against morality, Andy Ngo’s attack, Trump visiting Best Korea, Marianne Williamson’s whacky tweets, and gave a send off to Justin Raimondo.

Episode 19 - Mustachioed Heroes

This week, we are still somehow talking about Hillary’s emails, we touch on Venezuelan embezzling, Nicholas Sarwark’s insecurity, Juneteenth and reparations, and the Iranian attack that didn’t happen.

Episode 18 - Enemy of Humanity

Episode 15 - Enemy of Humanity is here and we’re back to talking news. We talk euthanasia, tariff threats, false murders in the Best Korea, Assange’ health, banning silencers, burning flags, and false flags.

Episode 17 - Dirty Maharrey

Welcome to our first MLGA Chat without Ryan Burgett. We have Mike Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center fame. We had a great conversation with Mike about the constitution, violence, Christianity, and it is well worth the listen.

Episode 16 - Flame On!

Phil is back! We talk forced vaccines, Assange’s charges, pardoned war criminals, true attacks on the press, Creepy Joe Creeping, Alabama school tyranny, the View, and some other fiery topics.

Episode 15 - All By Myself

Phil went to go pretend to be manly in the wilderness. So, I'm all by myself this week. Luckily, I had a little help from some friends. We talked Electoral College, gay aardvarks, Biden's low IQ, frozen sperm, and the new chemical weapon attack in Syria.

Episode 14 - Muh Abortions

This week, we talk the Alabama abortion law, what's going on with Trump and Iran, Assange's rape case, the Venezuelan raid, and federal supremacy.

Episode 13 - Transkinder

Yeah, we were late uploading, but we had a lot to talk about. Foreign Policy, Chelsea Manning, Transgender Kindergarten classes, the Georgia Abortion Bill, and Magic Mushrooms. Tell your friends that we will give them Magic Mushrooms to listen.

Episode 12 - Ordering Mormons

Welcome to our second MLGA Chat. We like to have conversations with interesting people with expertise in different areas at least once a month. This is not one of those episodes. Instead, we had on Ryan Burgett to interview us and to give at least one of our liberty origin stories.

Episode 11 - Blurred Lines

Yeah, we were gone a week, but we're back! We talk Biden, Beto, Alabama gun laws, New Zealand aftermath, UK rape laws, thought crimes, and Venezuela.

Episode 10 - Collusion?

This week, we talk about the Mueller Report (again), the North Korean situation (again), the War in Yemen (again), the Naval Academy Transgender Ban, and the danger of being a journalist in the US.

Episode 9 - #FreeJulian

Gosh, it’s nice to hit the two month mark of regular episodes. This week we talk the Strange Planet abortion controversy, the presidential nuclear option, Medicare-For-All, and Julian Assange.

Episode 8 - Creepy Uncle Joe

Creepy Uncle Joe is probably behind you. Welcome to episode 7. This week we talk Joe Biden's sniffing tendencies, Trump closing the US-Mexico border, Ending the war in Yemen, an update on North Korea, and beer.

Episode 7 - The Great Depression

This week, we talk the Mueller report, The Green New Failure, Georgia’s abortion law backlash, the Rockland vaccine Martial Law, conclude the Jussie Smollett incident, and have a Q&A. Give us a listen!

Episode 6 - Ryan Burgett and Techno-Agorism

Welcome to our first MLGA Chat. We will be having conversations with interesting people with expertise in different areas at least once a month. Our first guest is Ryan Burgett, a software developer and the mind behind the MLGA Network. His new podcast "Thank You For Your Servers" with Kim Schjang and Thaddeus Preston will be coming soon.

Episode 5 - Glass Breaker

The fifth is here. This week we talk the electoral college, crash and Bernie, reparations, New Zealand, and presumed donation.

Episode 4 - Free Money

Four weeks in a row? Wow. This week we talk #YangGang libertarians, AOC's corruption, Sandy Hook lawsuits, stopping the war in Yemen, and our boy Beto.

Episode 3 - The Mouse Men

We made it to three whole episodes. This week we talk real government conspiracies, humanized mice, prostitution, and drone strikes.

Episode 2 - Dear Oscar

Welcome back. This week we talk the Oscars, North Korea, another fake hate crime, a little more AOC, and we take on the MoMo Challenge.

Episode 1 - The Clown Car

Welcome to our inaugural episode. We talk Democratic nominees, fake hate crimes, the Green New Deal, and Gay Globalism. We also have Thaddeus on for our Token Take.